Courses Taught in the Digital Media Lab

Digital media courses involve the use of relatively complicated hardware and software. Students use the computer to download and edit digital video and digital audio, produce art and music graphics, write text and html files, process pictures and photography, and create and presenting multi media presentations of their work on a regular basis. Students use the Digital Media Lab MIDI keyboards to create and sequence sound, write professional looking music notation, and learn the language and theory of music.

Electronic Music

Students enrolled in this course will learn the art of music sequencing and recording, using the computer and General MIDI synthesizer. Starting by programming basic drum beats, students will learn the form and components of simple song structure, including bass lines, melody, and chords. As the students progress, they will learn to program and compose music in different styles and levels of complexity. Exceptional student work will be recorded onto CDs. Advanced students will create projects for use in video soundtracks, recording projects, and on the Internet. Level: Intermediate. (Students completing this course with an A or B grade receive concurrent credit from CCOC of Santa Clara County.)

Music Theory (Advanced Placement)

This Advanced Placement course provides instruction for the study of musical structure and music theory from the Baroque period through contemporary music, and includes a survey of ethnomusicology. Students will use comprehensive notation and ear training software to complete work in theory along with interactive CD-ROMs, the Internet, and multimedia presentation software to study music literature. The course prepares the student for the Advanced Placement exam in Music Theory offered by the College Board. This course meets university entrance requirements: CSU, UC Honors.  Prerequisite: Electronic Music or consent of instructor. Level: Advanced.

MultiMedia Production

This course is designed to train students to work with the elements of multimedia: text, photographs and pictures, drawings, video, and audio. Course units will include tutorials, projects where you work individually and in a teamwork environment, developing multimedia presentations, and working on projects for businesses or non-profit organizations. Students will learn to use each of the major components of Adobe Creative Suite.  Units include work with Photoshop, GoLive!, Acrobat, Illustrator, and InDesign.  Level: Intermediate. (Students completing this course with an A or B grade receive concurrent credit from CCOC of Santa Clara County.)

Gallery of Student Work in MultiMedia Production

Advanced MultiMedia Production.

This course is for students with a great interest in MultiMedia who have successfully completed the firt year of class with an A or B grade. Students work on a variety of projects in multimedia for educational, nonprofits or businesses uses.