Lab Components

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Student Workstations
Each Student Workstation contains a Apple Intel I-Mac computer, a MIDI keyboard and MIDI Interface, access to Ethernet networking, an integrated audio system that combines sound from the keyboards, computer, and teaching station. A wide variety of Digital Media software is contained on each computer.
Teaching Module
The Teaching Module contains an Apple IMac Intel computer, a Korg Triton keyboard, a MIDI Interface, Korg GEC 32 station audio controller, a Digidesign M-Box, an audio/video system with DVD, CD, and VHS playback, a projector system for demonstrating software, making presentations, or watching video, and a Tascam Digital Audio recorder for CDs. The sound system is linked to the student headphones as well as a classroom speaker system.
Integrated audio interface system
The integrated audio interface system allows for independent audio work by each student. Each student workstation has an interface box that combines digital audio from the computer, MIDI keyboard sounds, and sound from the Teacher Station during presentations. Each student station has a pair of stereo headphones with a built in microphone
Ethernet network for printing, server, and Internet access
Computer monitor projection and lab interface system
Video, CD, cassette and DVD presentation system
Digital media software
Scanners, USB, and Firewire to import photos and video